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Top 10 Tech Jobs in the New York City Metro Area, 2019

While Silicon Valley is the U.S. capital of technology, the New York City metro area is its East Coast equivalent (hence its “Silicon Alley” moniker). We’ve already explored the top ten jobs out west, and now we’re taking a similar view of the top ten tech jobs in New York City.

Via the Burning Glass NOVA platform, we dug through jobs in the New York City metro area, which also encompasses Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey. We isolated the tech industry from all others, and took a look at jobs posted for positions within tech through 2019, year-to-date.

Unsurprisingly, app developers are far and away the most in-demand position. Much like we saw in Silicon Valley, software developers have a clear and distinct lead over all other positions. In the New York City metro area, there have been 66,374 jobs posted for this role in 2019.

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