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TransparentBusiness Raises $6.1M to Bring Full Transparency to Remote Work

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular. According to a recent report issued by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, in the U.S. alone, there has been a 44% growth in remote work over the last five years. The dubious side of remote work is that it’s easy for remote contractors to overbill clients like the case of SAIC and NYC in 2012. The latest solution to this problem is TransparentBusiness, the company that makes it easy to used to monitor and coordinate any type of computer-based work, while still respecting a user’s privacy. Named by CitiGroup as the “Top People Management Solution”, TransparentBusiness states that it can coordinate and boost remote productivity by 15-40%.  Additionally, TransparentBusiness is embarking on a bigger mission to make transparent verification of billable hours required by law. Already 33 states have introduced the bills that are underpinned by TransparentBusiness’ suggestion.

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