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What’s on the Mind of Some of NYC’s Top CX leaders

AlleyWatch recently hosted a panel to discuss the backbone for any consumer business, Customer Experience. The CX function can make or break a brand’s reputation, build or destroy customer retention/loyalty, and can ultimately influence LTV.

We sat down with some fantastic and innovative CX leaders across various industries led by Eleanor van den Heuvel (National Director, COMPASS), Caroline Dell (VP of Operations, Chief), Jake Ramirez (CX Manager, Policygenius), Justin Sundheimer (CX Director, 1stdibs), and Lauren Collins (CX Strategy Manager, Attune). They broke down the current CX landscape (and how it has drastically changed in the past 5 years), shed light on what a CX career path can look like, and shared some tactical tools, applications, and strategies they’ve implemented successfully as well.

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