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Why Broadridge is Investing Millions in Blockchain Voting

Last week was a coming-out party for financial services firm Broadridge.

While the New York investor tech provider had previously voiced an interest in blockchain, it began the week by investing millions in a deal that will find it acquiring new technology assets as part of a bid to develop client-focused distributed ledger services. Later, it hosted a blockchain-focused breakfast with 50 of its clients and technology partners including Credit Suisse and UBS.

Broadridge's more aggressive moves in the blockchain space were preceded by internal testing and, more notably, investments in industry startups. Earlier this year, the firm participated in a $60m investment in New York-based startup Digital Asset Holdings alongside BNP Paribas,ICAP and the DTCC, among others.

As of last week, however, the firm has devoted 30 employees to develop multiple proofs-of-concept for its clients, focused on areas such as business communications and trade processing

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