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Chalkable is an App Store for School + The Platform to make those apps work.

Social Fresh

Advanced social media training, Social Fresh social media conferences


CourseHorse curates and centralizes learning opportunities—enabling its users to enroll in engaging courses across a broad range of subjects and styles.


Thankster simulates handwriting for effective mailed correspondence, serving b2b clients with our CRM/DRM solutions and b2c with our websites and Gmail plugin.

Q Designs

Q Designs is a luxury brand creating products with embedded technologies.

The Stashbox

tight community of innovators, brands and fine folks collaborating to transform digital communication


Sefaira is the leading provider of software for high-performance building design.


Students and professionals use BigTwist to create powerful and engaging presentations.


Quick and easy tool to help developers get their Apps reviewed by major press outlets.

Everest BBN

providing integrated IT communications solutions for small to medium businesses

Pricing Engine Inc.

Simple, one stop search marketing and digital ads for small businesses, through partners they trust like newspapers, service providers, and their agencies.


help collectors and aspiring collectors discover, learn about, and collect fine art.

Unified Field

content-rich, experiential and interactive media for next-generation digital branding environments


A social network built exclusively for retail use.


next-generation digital marketing agency