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Boston Biomotion Inc.

Measure & optimize muscle performance for any activity, with a physical assessment & strength-training tool, in a single smart diagnostic & therapeutic device.


Outlaw is a modern contract platform that supercharges the contract lifecycle to help businesses close deals faster.

Modern Meadow

Applying latest advances in tissue engineering to create meat and leather without the need to raise, slaughter and transport animals.


Next generation password manager for companies and IT professionals.


We are eliminating dead-end data in healthcare.

Green Bins LLC

Green Bins provides an ecofriendly solution to cigarette butts littering, through widespread bin access and recycling of butts into biofuel.

Caldera Labs

Caldera Labs is a web development company focused on WordPress products and education.

Baobab Clothing Inc.

We are working to eliminate fashion waste while promoting style and work/life productivity; starting with our first product the BAOBAB Polo shirt.

First Access

First Access reliably predicts risk for consumers who have never had a bank account or credit score, using prepaid mobile data.

ScanBiz Mobile Solutions, L.P.

3 yr old business-focused mobile software company with 1.5M app downloads. Seeking $500K-1M to accelerate growth. ~10 people and profitable.


A new coworking and co-learning platform to shape where you work and how you learn.


ThriveTracker is a wellness app that helps users record key data to proactively manage their mood and avoid costly reactive treatments or even death by suicide.


Exclusive access to workout videos from your favorite premium fitness brands wherever, whenever.

Hoplite Power, Inc.

'CitiBike' for smartphone charging. Launched a network of Hubs that dispense & accept portable battery packs. Just rent, recharge & return! GENERATING REVENUE.


A platform enabling you to beautifully commemorate the most important people and milestones in your life.

Budge, Inc

Budge is the fun way to challenge your friends to anything, the loser then donates to charity and redeems goods from branded CSR campaigns.

Clean Ice Trays

Clean ice trays uses a filter (patent pending) to convert tap water into clean ice.