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Visume.Online Inc

HIRE FAST, HIRE SMART using Robotic Process Automation and AI to quickly Source, Evaluate and Enable smart hiring of the right candidates.

Whim LLC

An app that allows college students to socialize on an impulse by paring contact lists ranked by availability and proximity with a streamlined invitation system

CodeMonkey Studios

An engaging online game that teaches children to code in a real programming language. 3,000,000 learned with CodeMonkey worldwide since launched 2 years ago.


The company that brings to you Voux--the lifestyle app for travel, activities and events.


Cinematcher is a digital platform that streamlines hiring, management and payroll for productions. Lights.Camera.Connection.


We develop cloud based software that automates the calculation of the value of Green Buildings and Infrastructure (financial, social, and environmental returns)


Printdustry allows everyone to bring amazing products to life by its vast network of 3D printing hubs

Modabound Inc.

Online marketplace that helps women buy and sell fashion items with people in their area.

ĀTO Gallery

Āto Gallery is decentralizing the art buying experience using blockchain as a tool to usher in a new age of transparency and liquidity in the art market.

Pletra is a native advertising platform for Virtual Reality: WebVR, 360 Videos, and VR Immersive.

1Stop Energies, LLC

Uniquely designed toroidal coils that work to improve applications in health devices, generators, power converters, and many other advanced research tools.

Knowify, LLC

SaaS platform for commercial subs and residential remodelers that streamlines administrative work and provides real-time insights on project performance.

Lupanara Gelateria

Trying to choose between dessert or cocktails is like a lose-lose situation. Lupanara Gelato satiates your sweet tooth and is indulgently buzz-worthy.


Physiclo creates functional fitness wear with built-in resistance designed to improve an individual's workout by their muscle activity increasing by 23%.


On a mission to help aspiring authors and poets get discovered. Our members share views, ideas, stories, poetry and get free promotion.


The Beauty Matchers