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We match artists with companies to co-create art on culture, values and brand activating communities to be their most creative, productive and connected.

BONBON Networks

We produce incredible content for women on lifestyle, entrepreneurship and inspiration and monetize multiple ways.


BuildaTeam is an e-coaching algorithm that will help you write better, build better relationships, and be a better person.


DISCO is the first platform powering memberships at local businesses.


We Give We Get is an online marketplace that provides a network for users or companies to exchange skills and services without using money.


OnLoad - file search engine powered by it's own crawlers and a big index of the rare files

Bounce Imaging

Bounce Imaging's low-cost, throwable omnidirectional cameras enable first responders to safely inspect dangerous spaces in 360 on their phone without entering.


We make those painful phone calls to Customer Service simple. Simple for the Caller. Simple for the Call Center. All via "Voice with Visuals" on smartphones!

tuneteams, Inc.

We're a B2B music licensing & sub-publishing marketplace. Our mission: help music companies build international businesses.

Chirp Network

Media For The People By The People, A Virtual Entertainment Platform Not Only For Musicians But For Film Makers and Conjoining Distributors!

Infovium web scraping services

Infovium web scraping services company is largest data scraping services provider in USA, Canada, India and more countries.


WhatsMode decided that sweatpants and cropped hoodies with a strapless crop top underneath is currently very on trend for her younger target audience.


ExoticLengthz is focused on defining the hair weaving industry .


SolarKal is building the first nation-wide network of solar energy brokers connecting solar installers and owners of commercial & industrial buildings.

Couponomy Inc.

Couponomy uses a proprietary algorithm that lets users automatically share the value of loyalty points they earn with their entire network of friends.


We decode the style DNA of any brand or shopper enabling retailers to provide a truly personalised experience and to take all the right commercial decisions

Wine by Design

Creating valuable business and branding opportunities through the world of wine