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LifeCycle Laboratories

LifeCycle Laboratories is developing unique diagnostics for fertility/infertility management.


SidelineSwap is an online marketplace where athletes buy and sell their sports gear.


Jackalope is the aggregated platform for outsourcing and temporary hiring. Send Jack tasks, see Jack run, get work done.

Pip's Island

A company offering rich experiential adventures designed to appeal to 21st century children, though physical, digital and next-generation platforms.

An online dating community in which members write and meet others. No detailed profiles, no algorithms. Launched 1/30/2012 NYC and Boston.


Web solutions with sustainable core values. We use carbon neutral servers, community based code and local labor to provide low cost websites


Augmate gives enterprises complete security and control over wearables by allowing IT administrators to remotely operate the devices through a management portal finds other people near your area, Chat with them, and invite them out for fun at locations or events nearby

NavaFit Inc.

NavaFit is a mobile app and software that helps individuals find people and activities that can help them meet their wellness goals.


The easiest academic platform for students to share and exchange resources.


Savvy is a HR tech platform that connects top female talent with companies that want to hire them.


Create, configure and host your own mail server in less than 5 minutes for only $5/month. Take back control of your email.

SportsGuru Inc

SportsGuru is the first fan-powered sports video platform

Zazoom, LLC

Zazoom is a diversified content creation and distribution company focused on scalable opportunities. Cash flow positive projected in 2013.


CraftHounds delivers fresh craft beer to your door in minutes directly from breweries and retail stores across the city.

CP Slippers

Original one piece leather slippers brand.