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VONK is a play based social platform that connects families across distance.


PERCH is the leading mixed reality retail marketing platform that detects what products customers are touching and responds with dynamic digital content.


batteryPOP is a digital platform for the development, distribution and monetization of kids video, founded by Nickelodeon and Saban Brand alum.

Juntos: Look Good. Do Good.

Juntos has redesigned a social signifying shoe worn by the working class in Ecuador. Each pair supports education where we find our inspiration.


Homh is the first retail store making meditation fun, simple, and mainstream.


Sourcemap is the supply chain mapping company: we help manufacturers and brands trace their products from raw materials to end customers.


Powering Surcharge-Free ATMs Through Targeted Programmatic Ad Buying.

Slamdunk Network

Taking users from online to on-court, the average daily basketball player can now easily locate courts, meet new players and connect with teammates.


Trove will create a platform where users can discover, share, and store digital versions of their physical goods.


Service for organization, promotion and searching for parties


The first professional platform for millennial talent

Flyte Fitness

Flyte Fitness: Your Workout... Reinvented. Our market-tested products engage more muscles and enhance stability on any surface.

Wynn Imports, Inc.

Empire Spirits 1972 Get ready. It's mixed! Grab some ice, celebrate a party, be the party, enjoy the spirits from New York City's Metropolis

M&S Biotics, LLC

M&S Biotics leverages proprietary RFID technology and Artificial Intelligence to create more efficient, effective, and safer surgical procedures.

Required Marketing

Grow your business effective, Easy-To-Use online tools and services to attract customers and keep them coming back.


Project management software hosted on your own cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, private server)


We decode the style DNA of any brand or shopper enabling retailers to provide a truly personalised experience and to take all the right commercial decisions


YouGift is a celebration platform designed for social gifting

Prop PMS

A Vacation Rental, Accounting, Chanel Manager, Booking Engine software for a newly developed $100 Billion industry with expected growth of $170 Billion in 2019.