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Opus Apps Inc

Opus is a professional network that empowers musicians and venues with performance opportunities.


Practical everyday essentials for the modern man


PCBAs are core to every Electronic device but require weeks & hundreds of dollars to make. BotFactory builds desktop tools to produce PCBAs in hours for $20

Worth Web scraping Services

Worth web scraping services understand your business needs for your business marketing and extract required data and provide in your required formate.

Move the Ball Games (MTB Games)

MTB allows sport fans to test their sports IQ’s and compete against other fans by predicting what will occur during a live sports game, in real-time.


AXIS is an IoT hardware company that makes smart window shade devices; we motorize and automate your existing window shades.

Modern Meadow

Applying latest advances in tissue engineering to create meat and leather without the need to raise, slaughter and transport animals.

We rush things to you, on demand! - Baked by Wayra and StartupChile

AssayMe Corp.

Our App will empower the user with timely clinical grade analytics and recommendations regarding possible medical issues in diabetes, women's health, etc.


BrandVerge is an online marketplace where advertisers can access custom digital media opportunities on demand.

We provide the most efficient and enjoyable personalized shopping experience for men. is the Gentleman's Style Wingman.

ZON Products Inc.

A plug and play suite of smart-home products with embedded Voice AI of choice that lets you convert any home into a smart home.


LifeThreads is revolutionizing the medical apparel industry by offering unprecedented innovation in safety, performance and style.