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ĀTO Gallery

Āto Gallery is decentralizing the art buying experience using blockchain as a tool to usher in a new age of transparency and liquidity in the art market.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:


ĀTO Gallery is building an artist token exchange called the Āto Platform. The Āto Platform is a DApp built on the Stellar blockchain. The DApp platform will allow collectors to buy fine art and artists' tokens with the value derived from the artists' career and scarcity. The DApp will provide a financial ecosystem that will support artists’ need for capital, and long-term investment opportunities for patrons.


Founder and President

Carrie Eldridge

16 years of sales experience in software, luxury retail, and financial products. Launched a WAAS to buy/sell luxury apparel in a private community. Raised capital; and built a team including the then Principal Engineer of, and a BlackRock algorithm writer/CFA. Worked for IBM for two years and created a mobile app. Created a mobile app for the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Received a provisional patent from the US Patent Office.

Director of Client Relations and Social Media

Evelyn Booth-Clibborn

At an early age, Evelyn was completed emerged in fine art. She personally knows some of the top gallery owners, artist, and private collectors in the world. She brings art, artist, and collector relations expertise, in addition to over five years of work experience in client management, social media marketing, and event coordination. Her father owns one of the top fine art printing companies in the world.


Billy Zebe, MBA

A successful leader with a track record of producing, presenting, and managing the implementation of innovative business. Primarily focused on impacting the balance sheet by improving efficiency, process, and development across multi-unit, geographically diverse portfolios. MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. BA in Finance, Minors in Accounting and Economics, Utah State University.

Sales Data an Analytics intern

Morgan Kuhar

Morgan comes from a family of art curators and experts. He is passionate about bridging the gap between art and technology. He has offered up many hours of his time to aid us in research, sales development, and developing market surveys. He is currently a Naval Intelligence Officer, and in the Military Leadership Circle Member due to complete his service in early 2019.

Art Director

Jackie Dreier

Founder of ArtsClub. Master's Degree in Modern & Contemporary Art from Christie's London with 10 years work experience in top-tier auction houses, galleries and art fairs including Gagosian Gallery, Art Basel, The Armory Show, and Frieze. Well versed and well connected in the art world, Jackie will direct our curatorial vision, ensuring that we are ahead of the curve on emerging art trends and industry practices.

Director of Blockchain Architecture

Benjamin Stewart

Ben's background is rooted in finance. Originally starting at UBS Investment Bank he transitioned to The Carlyle Group with a host of objectives ranging from quantitative risk assessments to algorithmic trading strategies. After The Carlyle Group, he went to Betterment to take on an even more demanding role. Ben is currently focused on the intersection of AI and blockchain technologies.

Marketing Director

Lauren McMullen

Laura has spent the past 11 years building comprehensive global marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies such as Visa, HP, and Citibank. She focuses her expertise on digital activations - helping brands navigate how to capitalize on innovative. She has overseen the development of complex app builds, eCommerce platforms, global social media programs, and has worked closely with teams globally to integrate technologies and platforms.


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