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A peer-to-peer shipping alternative. We ship items securely, quickly and cheaply through existing international travelers.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 7
Quick Pitch:


Aeroship is a peer to peer international shipping company. We offer discounted prices for international shipping, and a cost offsetting service to travelers who transport our items. There are over 60 million international packages shipped daily through FedEx, UPS and DHL. Additionally, there are three billion yearly commercial airline passengers, and millions of daily flyers between large metropolitan areas. We combine the two. Expanding on this, Aeroship competes on the 3 to 33 pound international package market without investing in the tremendous fixed costs necessary to traditionally enter the deliveries market. Not only that, Aeroship provides a service that is faster, safer and cheaper than ever before. During our initial steps, traction, trust and safety are the most important aspects we need to focus on. For this reason we double scan the item in our airport kiosks before and after we give it to the passenger. This guarantees the safety of the passenger and the package. Comparatively, our traditional competitors only scan a random 10% of airline cargo through TSA and items often get lost. **VIDEO PITCH AND ADDITIONAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES TO BE ADDED SOON**



Xenofon Kontouris

CTO & Co-founder

Mohamed Ali

Content Development and Marketing Intern

Malcolm Smith

Aeroship Employees - Delivery Division (London & Athens)

Delivery Team Members: Jenny, George, Manos and Stefanos


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