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Akila Labs

Artificial Intelligence based health coach to reverse Prediabetes


Founded: 2015
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


Akila is a digital health coach that can provide real time insights, patterns and recommendations to users to help them reverse Prediabetes. The app is driven by a core AI/ML based algorithmic engine that learns about user data, and acts as a personal health coach with deeper insights than is humanly possible. First of a kind full digital app allows for subscription of $9.99 per month that will be covered by Employers/Payers(Private & Medicare).


Founder & President

Lakshmi Anantharamu

PhD, Computer Science from University of Colorado, Denver. Rich experience in developing Machine Learning and AI Algorithms, distributed computing, and high availability systems. Her previous experience is in Telecom, Healthcare, and Financial services industries.


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