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A decentralized savings account and liquidity union for the crypto economy.


Founded: 2018
Employees: 6
Quick Pitch:


Alkemi offers a community-based liquidity solution in form of a crypto savings account to address the significant crypto-market price inefficiencies amidst fragmented centralized exchange markets; it further serves as a natural bridge to provide the liquidity required to support the influx of decentralized and peer to peer exchange platforms.



Ryan Breen

Web and data engineer with wealth of experience in multi-system integration working with real-time data developing complex, enterprise-scale platforms.

Director, UX/UI

Ben Cooper

Ben has focused on building brands and designing great user experiences for over 18 yrs; specializing in UI/UX and brand design.

Chief Strategy Officer

Brian Mahoney

Minnesota born & raised, I now live and work in New York City. I am endlessly curious and eternally optimistic. I have a passion for new ideas, obsessed with all things technology, and am always seeking to broaden my perspective while striving for balance.


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