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anOthervision an urban based entertainment production company which produces original new media for and by urban youth.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


anOthervision identifies new inner city talent and provides them with the tools to bring their visions to life. These visions begin as RichMedia books that are then converted into franchise properties in other forms of media such as TV, Movies, Video Games and Mobile Devices.



Josiah Dale Perry

Josiah worked with former Motown CEO, George Jackson and Serial Entrepreneur Adam Kidron to establish “Othervision”, a New York-based animation and Entertainment Production Company. Josiah’s duties included the management of a $10 million dollar budget, building a 150-member development and production team. in early 2002,“Jiggy Bug”, Othervision’s first 3D animated short, won a first-place World Animation Award as well as ShowTimes Sho.Alt Film &

Josiah Perry


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