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BenchPals strives to revolutionize laboratory management by digitizing administrative tasks faced by researchers, making our lives easier!


Founded: 2012
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


For laboratories and research institutions that spend valuable man hours organizing and managing data and laboratory resources that fluctuate daily, BenchPals is a software solution that digitizes the daily life of the researcher and optimizes laboratory productivity. Our product establishes a streamlined digital laboratory environment that integrates data collection and resource management while connecting researchers within the lab and beyond!



Ching Yao Yang

Ching Yao co-founded BenchPals, Inc. and heads up product development. He is currently a PhD candidate at NYU Poly. Prior to BenchPals, he obtained his M.Sc. from NYU Poly in Biomedical Engineering. He was previously employed as a clinical researcher at National Taiwan University Hospital.


Raúl Catena

Raúl Catena is a Biologist and Biochemist that obtained his PhD in 2008. Is author of more than 20 scientific publications. Has been also assistant professor of Cell Biology at Pamplona, Spain. Currently performs his research on Cancer Metastasis at Weill Cornell Medical College. He is fluent in C, and Objective-C, and is in charge of bringing to life the software that the BenchPals team has devised.


Jasmin Hume

Jasmin is the President of BenchPals, Inc. and currently a PhD candidate at NYU Poly, studying protein engineering and teaching as an NSF graduate fellow. She obtained her B.Eng in Chemical Engineering from McGill University, M.Sc in Materials Engineering from Chalmers University, and worked in R&D at STMicroelectronics before her PhD.


Min Yen Hsieh

MinYen Hsieh is an award-winning interactive designer and creative technologist focuses on visual/interaction design for various platforms. He has worked at MTV, SONY, and LBi. Via interactive design,he takes design as the duty to figure out the problems in our lives, to lead others in the right directions in design projects, and to design attractive figures as a final solution.


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