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The Blanket Anchor®

Patent pending brand-able pegs holds your blanket, sarong or towel down in the sand/grass while promoting your brand. Just twist and clip!


Founded: 2012
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


We are a start-up company that has developed a patent pending, customized, brand-able mechanism that holds your blanket, towel or sarong securely in the sand or grass. Four 6 inch coiled shaft pegs that can withstand 15 lbs of pressure. a serrated horizontal spring loaded clamp attached at the top. We are introducing a new type of advertising by adding a branding feature where the tops of the pegs and blankets can be customized.


Managing Member

Dawn Adams

Recruited out of college at 21 to work for Pepsico, Dawn has been heavily involved in operations, management and human resource administration for multi-million dollar corporations for the past 20 years. In 2007 Dawn designed and created Christ Couture™ Christian clothing line. Then Blanket Anchor was born! Dawn's sensibility, work ethic make her a superb candidate for spearheading a venture such as the creation of The Blanket Anchor®, LLC.

Managing Member

Errol Bailey

Mr. Bailey's entrepreneurial experience in business development, marketing and in taking on large multi-million dollar projects and delivering turn-key results on time has earned him the success and respect in the music, contracting for commercial and residential housing and in the virtual financial banking industry. He has acquired relationships in; banking, government, Non-profit, entertainment, retail, sports, and various other industries.


Paul McLennan

Business executive and entrepreneur that has experience in technology, business development, marketing, sales. As CTO of Casewide corp. he implemented patented software in D.C. Government's "Office of Procurement (OP)", and Department of Transportation (DOT). As VP of Generation x Technologies (GXT), he headed a successful expansion to Florida. He also served as a technical liaison to Sprint and managed their Sprint DSL technical department.

Blanket Anchor


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