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Blue Frontier

Founded by a team of industry veterans to commercialize the innovative integration of a revolutionary air conditioning technology with low-cost energy storage.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


The Company's climate-friendly solutions are ultra energy efficient, reduce greenhouse gases, eliminate peak electrical demand and efficiently store and shift renewable energy; enabling the cost-effective carbon-free grid. Blue Frontier is positioned to deliver overwhelming value. Improved comfort, lower operating cost, lower capital cost, improved reliability, and a lower carbon footprint with double the efficiency of existing systems.


Gregory Tropsa


Matthew Tilghman

Dr. Tilgman is a world renowned inventor and expert in the field of advanced air conditioning. He has a PhD in mechanical engineering from Stanford University with concentration in thermodynamics and energy conversion. Dr. Tilghman was also the Principal Systems Engineer at Be Power Tech and Senior Systems Engineer at Advantix, both companies developing advanced air conditioning systems.

VP of Engineering

Matt Graham

Matt Graham has over 20 years in experience developing industrial and software products. He has vast experience in the development, prototyping, and manufacturing of energy systems.


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