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Bo Co.

Branded entertainment products that prepare preschool children to code.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Bo Co. is launching “Mia & Bo” an intellectual property designed to to help preschool children develop pre-coding skills. The property uniquely infuses entertainment-based content with educational concepts across TV, toys, and digital games. All of the Mia & Bo products will be designed to drive children to a subscription based mobile learning product where play-based learning occurs. Below is a introduction to one of the stars of our show, Bo.


Chief Executive Officer

Don Moody

Created & founded “Bobby Blu”, a zero to $80 million private label entertainment property for Walmart Created & founded “WordWorld” - Won a $47 million grant from the 
US Dept of Education - Executive Producer - PBS TV show that Won 3 Emmy Awards and aired in 100 countries, designed to help preschool children learn to read before they get to school Created & founded “Mia & Bo" to help children learn the literacy of the 21st century: coding

Vice President

Bharat Chopra

- VP at Moody Studios, leading product strategy & business development, 2015-2016 - COO of Siminars, an eLearning platform. Oversaw integration of technology, content and marketing of online courses. 2012-2014 - Led design, product launch, and global marketing of a $100M consumer product business line at Dell - Sales & Business Development with the Asian Tour & The Economist Group, Singapore - Management Consultant, Arthur D Little, Singapore

General Counsel & Business Development

Daniel Victor

- 11 years at Sesame Workshop as General Counsel & EVP Legal and Business Affairs. 4 years as Executive Vice President of International Business Development. - Has more than 25-years of experience in structuring, negotiating and closing license agreements, co-production agreements and joint ventures throughout the world. - Closed a $25 million licensing deal with Toshin to launch Sesame English in Japan.

Supervising Producer

Alia Nakashima

- Emmy Award winning producer (Peg + Cat Outstanding Preschool series 2014) with 20 years experience producing children's animated content. - Four years working with Don and the team producing the WordWorld television series and digital games. - Alia is responsible for integrating the TV pilot and Digital Game production processes into a unified pipeline to ensure creative cohesion between the products and drive financial economies of scale.


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