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BodyOM helps you incorporate 100% raw & organic foods into your busy life via a convenient subscription service of game-changing single-serve ‘real foods’.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


BodyOM is a nascent ecommerce effort of disrupt the specialty foods supply chain. We purchase top 1% of the worlds produce directly from farms around the world and deliver them in elegant resealable single-serve packets directly to customers via a monthly fully customizable subscription box. Our products include 100% raw and organic rare tree-dried Himalayan raisins, plump Turkish figs, Wild Brazil nuts from the amazon and we’re quickly expanding into rare teas, honey, essential oils etc. As consumer’s buying habits are evolving (buying online) and there is a clear movement towards raw organic foods, BodyOM fills a critical void of sourcing expertise, combined with curation and ease of purchase and consumption. After a successful pilot, we launched BodyOM in Sept 2015. We are currently looking to raise a pre-seed round of $500k to get to our initial target of 1,000 subscribers and test and establish user acquisition channels that allow us to acquire users at scale.


Nikita Singhal


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