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Bombas is a direct-to-consumer comfort focused apparel brand with a mission to help those in need. One Pair Purchased = One Pair Donated


Founded: 2013
Employees: 36
Quick Pitch:


Bombas is an athletic-leisure sock company with a mission to help those in need. The idea for Bombas was formed when we learned socks are the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. Inspired by other give-back companies we set out to solve this problem with our One Pair Purchased = One Pair Donated business model. In order to donate a lot of socks we knew we needed to sell a lot of socks. In order to sell a lot of socks we knew we needed to create a product that people would want to purchase. Through two years of dedicated research and development with one of the world's leading sock manufacturers under the guidance of Steve Lowenthal, former President/CEO of GoldToe and current member of the Bombas Advisory Board, we created seven substantial improvements, aptly named Bombas Sock Tech, resulting in the most comfortable socks in the history of feet. Since our August 2013 launch, we have donated over 575,000+ pairs of socks to those in need and have generated over $6mm in direct-to-consumer ecommerce revenue exclusively through our website.



David Heath

• UrbanDaddy: employee number seven, leading sales and business development. • 9 years of start-up experience. • 6 years of management experience. • 13 years of sales experience.

Chief Brand Officer

Randy Goldberg

• UrbanDaddy: employee number six, leading editorial and creative services. • 13 years of branding and copywriting experience. • 10 years experience in digital strategy. • 8 years experience in menswear and lifestyle editorial.


Andrew Heath

• 11 years of finance and operations experience. • 3 years of start-up experience. • 3 years of supply chain management experience. • Babson MBA, Summa cum Laude.

Creative Director

Aaron Wolk

• 16 years of design experience. • Former creative Director at hearst Magazines. • Creative lead on projects for Proctor & Gamble, revlon, canon, SAKS fifth Avenue, GM, L’Oreal, Bank of America, Unilever.

Head of Customer Acquisition

Kate Huyett

• HowAboutWe: employee number seven, joined as community manager and grew into COO, leading customer acquisition, business operations and finance until exit to IAC in Summer 2014. • 5 years of acquisition & retention marketing experience. Managed annual budgets of $3mm+ across online and offline channels. • Worked at Goldman, Sachs & co in debt capital markets with consumer / retail companies including Wal-Mart, Target, Starbucks, and Gap.

Head of Product Development and Design

Kristen Pandolph

• 20+ years of hosiery design and product development experience • 11 years of men’s and women’s sock design at Cole Haan • Designed and produced product for Saucony, Dockers, GoldToe, Nautica

VP of Business Development

Emily Hofstetter

• Public relations & Brand Management: lead strategy, execution, partnerships, leadership positioning, media relations and events for top fashion, lifestyle, philanthropy & technology brands. • 5 years of agency experience. • 6 years of management experience. • Past clients and partners include: Target, Adidas, Victorinox, Banana Republic, GLAMSQUAD, Randy Zuckerberg, Alton Brown, and more


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