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Boutique Hotel By The Associates Incubator

$300000 (a) Repayment 3-5 years (b) 10% profit sharing- 3-5 years (c) recapitalization of 5% appraised value. Est. return 33% annually. Secured by property.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


Launching a high-tech hotel in a Brooklyn Brownstone. Raising $300,000 in mezzanine financing. Offering: -100% repayment in 3-5 yrs at 5% interest, -10% profit sharing 3-5 yrs. -recapitalize the investors stake at 5% of the appraised value at the time all funds are repaid. The estimated annual rate of return is 33%. The entire investment will be secured by positions on two real property assets with advantageous LTV.


Managing Director & CEO

David O Kuranga

Dr. Kuranga is the founder and Managing Director of The Associates Incubator. He is an international scholar with a decade of experience in development research and management consulting in Africa. Prior to launching the fund, he served as a senior advisor to Investment Banks and Funds active in Africa including Nova Capital to provide front office services to the bank and its clients. The firm continues to work with se

David Kuranga


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