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Brillist, Inc.

Brillist is a platform that makes it easy to share your idea, recruit your team, and bring your project ideas to life.


Founded: 2010
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Having an idea is one thing. Execution is another! Brillist is platform that helps you recruit a project team to execute your project ideas. Designers, developers, and makers from around the world use Brillist to find each other and collaborate on all sorts of prototypes, products, and more. List and share your project idea, recruit your team, and make your idea happen!



Sheila Maithel

Brillist founder. Dartmouth behavioral economics, Startup Leadership Program, Startup Weekend, and BarCamp alum. Traveler, listener, multilingual speaker (English, French, Hindi, Japanese - in addition to CSS, HTML, and JS). Hackathoner, marathoner, developer, artist, and a mentor at TLabs startup accelerator.


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