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Caravan Interactive

We build tools with software and charge people money to use them. We build mobile and web apps for a living and support what we build.


Founded: 2017


Caravan Interactive is an interactive software development and services shop based out of Brooklyn, NY. We are a team with experience in mobile, web and desktop applications, interactive design & development, technical consulting and project management. Caravan Interactive is a highly skilled and highly educated group that coalesces to provide world-class digital products and services to the world.



Frank McDermott

Frank has a combined 12 years experience in the technology and consumer goods industry. Writing his first program in 1993, Frank pursued his passion for development, ultimately graduating with a BS degree in Computer Science from RPI in 2000. Since then, Frank has launched 2 businesses, consulted in the finance and technology industries and has worked for global brands. Frank is a New York native and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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