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Founded: 2018
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


One of the great pain points for businesses today is reaching millennial and Gen Z audiences. Unsurprising as a recent survey found that 84% of them are unswayed by traditional advertising. That same survey from before shows that 81% of them are more likely to purchase a product after interacting with a brands video. The CATAPULT platform addresses this through social sports video. Where we deliver a constant flow that brings in more customers.



Zack Rosenberg

Zack knows the intersection of media and technology is the future. He has led several startup sales organizations to success. At BuzzFeed, he brought in the auto business, which would be their most notabale sales partnership. And most recently, as Global Head of Sales he led Keywee to $80MM+ in revenue from $40K in 4 years. Outside of work, Zack is passionate about making sure his sons see the NY Mets win their next World Series.

Head of Content

Ari Temkin

Ari Temkin knows how to connect with an audience. He has been a recognizable radio host in every market he’s been in (Austin, San Antonio, Dallas), leading him to national roles. He has worked for ESPN, SiriusXM, and the Dallas Cowboys radio network. Ari also hopes to be able to celebrate a Chicago White Sox World Series win with his sons (though, highly unlikely).

Head of Production

TJ Carpenter

TJ is an acclaimed talk show radio host in Denver and a background in video production having taught at the Denver School of Broadcasting.


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