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The visual storytelling platform where our photos make history.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Chronicle is a platform and community where everyone's photos come together to create our visual narrative. Where Instagram is focused on the moment, and Snapchat’s appeal is driven by the ephemeral nature of its content, Chronicle provides a collaborative platform that creates lasting visual records and shared stories over time. Chronicle it! WATCH VIDEO HERE:



Steven McBride

15+ years of experience planning/launching successful digital solutions for leading brands and start-ups. Since 2001 served as CEO of VisualMax, a successful NYC digital agency where he lead strategy, UI/UX, development, and digital marketing. Consistently at the forefront of digital marketing as reflected in over 150+ successful solutions/products/campaigns that he planned, produced and launched for leading digital publishers, agencies, brands

Lead Technologist (Front & Back-end)

Christopher Luu

Christopher is an industry leading technologist who specializes in both front and backend iOS and Android App development. He has served as CTO at Fuzz Productions where he oversaw development of dozens of successful web and mobile initiatives for start-ups and major brands.


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