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CLIP is a portable and swappable e-motor that instantly transforms any bike into an e-bike, providing that extra boost when you’re going uphill.


Founded: 2018
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


We are developing portable e-motor devices to transform own / shared bike to an e-bike, Instantly. Upon arriving, park the bike, detach your e-motor device and bring it to recharge in your office for the return commute.


Co Founder & CEO

Somnath Ray

I am a Design Technologist, focusing on User Experience with deep expertise in Product and Industrial design. I was part of the Smart Cities group at the MIT Media Lab and worked on the City Car project. I am based in Brooklyn, NY.

Co Founder & COO

Clement De Alcala

I am a skilled business development professional with extensive experience in the energy and environment sector. I have spent the past decade leading high impact projects for large organizations, as well as startups, with of focus on technology.


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