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Shared e-motors for Shared bikes


Founded: 2018
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


CLIP will provide easy access to shared e-motors as on-demand upgrades for shared & personal bikes, we will help accelerate bike commutership growth in all major cities across the world. Our business model is designed for providing maximum access for bike commuters by renting motors via a network of vending machines strategically installed next to bike share docks & multi-modal nodes.


Co Founder & CEO

Somnath Ray

I am a Design Technologist, focusing on User Experience with deep expertise in Product and Industrial design. I was part of the Smart Cities group at the MIT Media Lab and worked on the City Car project. I am based in Brooklyn, NY.

Co Founder & COO

Clement De Alcala

I am a skilled business development professional with extensive experience in the energy and environment sector. I have spent the past decade leading high impact projects for large organizations, as well as startups, with of focus on technology.


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