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Cloud DX Inc.

Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE finalist that builds FDA-cleared, cloud enabled medical devices & consumer health-tech wearables. Post-revenue, ready for rapid growth


Founded: 2014
Employees: 7
Quick Pitch:


Cloud DX Inc. is a private company founded in 2014 upon the acquisition of certain assets & IP from Biosign Technologies (TSX-V:BIO). We are a licensed medical device manufacturer, distributor & exporter of FDA-cleared health IT products & consumer wearables. Our Pulsewave® Monitor adds value to EHR & Practice Management software. The new Vitaliti™ Platform is a Finalist in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE. Our US headquarters is in Brooklyn NY.


President & CEO

Robert Kaul

Robert is a serial entrepreneur, specializing in introducing technologies to the United States since 2005. He founded Cloud Diagnostics LLC in 2009; that company was acquired by Biosign Technologies (TSXV:BIO) in 2010 for $3M, after only 9 months. At Biosign, Robert served as Executive VP, Business Development from 2010- 2012, and then as CEO from 2012-2014. Robert is a subject matter expert in sales & marketing as well as corporate leadership.

Executive VP & Medical Director

Sonny Kohli

Sonny is an attending Physician in Intensive Care and Internal Medicine at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) of Medicine at McMaster University in Toronto Canada. In 2008/09, Dr. Kohli was an Astronaut Candidate at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) where he was awarded a scholarship to study space medicine at the Johnson Space Center.

Lead Architect & Programmer

Christian Sleight

Christian is the former CTO of Biosign Technologies and has been the chief software architect of Pulsewave since 2009. His commitment to providing high quality software was demonstrated when Biosign earned Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program on January 2010.

Executive VP, Business Development

Larry Steinberg

Larry is the former Director of Business Development for Trapollo, a telehealth company, where he worked with some of the largest telehealth programs in the country. He’s expert at sales and business development in telehealth and medical device, having generated tens of millions of $ in sales.

Executive VP, Marketing & Operations

Anthony Kaul

Anthony is Founder and President of Higher Bracket Online Media Inc, Canada’s only career consulting and job board firm specializing in executive jobs that pay over $100,000. He’s expert at online and membership marketing, with over 100,000 members in Canada.

Lead Product Designer

Dylan Horvath

Dylan brings his 15 years of product design experience in engineering and industrial design to the project. Dylan is the owner of Cortex Design Inc and the head of the team developing the overall lookand- feel of the VITALITI platform. Dylan is an expert at forming the relationship between engineered technology and the end-user who benefits from it.

XPRIZE Project Manager

Joel Yatskoff

Joel Yatscoff is an award winning senior designer and the studio lead at Cortex Design. Joel has 10 years of experience being the lead designer on a diverse body of patented, human-focused products. Joel's design and manufacturing experience includes everything from consumer housewares to medical devices and military spec wearables


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