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David Berkowitz Chicago

David Berkowitz Chicago newer landscape pieces focus on wider themes of transnational identity and displacement in his artwork.


Founded: 1994
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David Berkowitz Chicago is a famous artist from Chicago. Born 1943 in Aurora, he finished elementary school in his hometown, then enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago. Blurring fantasy with reality, David Berkowitz Chicago brings figures of mythology and folklore into his artwork. Many of his artworks imply sacrifice and suffering—for example—the forests are represented as a source of healing, identity, and strength.


Artist and painter

David Berkowitz

Born in Chicago, David Berkowitz landscape art focuses on transnational identity and displacement. <a href="">His artwork</a> spans the breadth of public art, installations, and collage, exploring the relationship between high art and popular culture, seeking out the uncomfortable and confronting topics in society. This artist is known for his strong brushwork, rich colors, and precise forms.

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Chicago Art House

Couple of years after moving to New York, Berkowitz went back to Chicago to finish high school. Due to an injury on the spine for almost a year he was tied to the bed. That was when David Berkowitz Chicago started drawing for the first time. At that time he was painting portraits of patients. Soon he transferred his sports energy into an artistic passion. Since then, painting has become his life, although never completed the academy.


Art Institute of Chicago

David Berkowitz Chicago paints in natural settings, capturing everyday people. His approach and sensitivity make his work extremely moving and powerful. This internationally recognized artist has appeared in numerous publications at home and abroad. In 1970 was a member of an art group called "Village". His art was different from what others were presenting. To improve, Berkowitz started visiting many museums and galleries across the country.


SAIC Portfolios

His artwork is recognized by some symbols which Berkowitz commonly uses to express his vision. The water and pumpkin are symbols of wealth, together with farm and granary. Horses running free often can be seen in his works. They give special beauty and unrestrained freedom. That is where he finds inspiration is his word, sound, music.

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Interview with Painter David Berkowitz Chicago

Berkowitz has completed more than 300 exhibitions where were displayed his artistic works in a total of close to 7,000 paintings. David Berkowitz Chicago is a fan of scenes, a restless spirit, for whom an unduly criticism is the most arduous thing that can happen. In love with the life and the art he creates. Here is <a href="" target="_blank">his interview for Patch</a>.


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