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A crowdsourced interior design platform where vetted professional decorators compete for projects by submitting design proposals online.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 6


Decorilla makes professional interior design accessible in a fun and collaborative way. Customers describe their dream space, receive designs, and pick a favorite to get their final package: 3D renderings, a shopping list with links, floor plan and more. Decorilla costs 80% less than traditional interior design, has a money back money guarantee, and includes exclusive coupons to popular brands – saving customers more money than Decorilla’s fees.


User Experience

John Gist

John is an award winning user experience designer with a background in commercial advertising, financial services and entertainment. Prior to working at Decorilla, John worked as a Senior Information Architect at Morgan Stanley and at night consulting for several NYC based startups and video game companies. He received his BS in Digital Design at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning.


Agnieszka Kinga Wilk

Agnieszka began Decorilla through a complicated course involving finance, real estate, travel, relocating, and caffeine. She has an honors degree in Business Administration from the University of Windsor and has used her analytic and organizational skills to improve process efficiency in her past and present roles. Her love of helping others makes her extremely in-tune to people’s unique needs and her passion for design drives her to relentlessly

Strategy & Tech Lead

Joshua van Aalst

Joshua is an innovator and strategist with an MBA from MIT, a Masters of Technology Management and Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of New South Wales. He is also a Head of Digital Banking at Morgan Stanley, rolling-out mobile banking for the company’s private sector. Joshua has held senior development roles at companies such as IBM as well as early stage start-ups and is known for bringing order to chaos, pouring process, and bri

Recruiting & Marketing

Joyce Elizabeth Tranchida

Joyce’s experiences as an interior designer, architect, graphic artist, and most recently creator of an internationally recognized furniture line for Lazzoni Furniture have led her to believe that the confluence of design and technology is where it is at. She pursues design with enthusiasm and loves to teach other designers to create compelling 3D visualizations that convey personality and emotion. Joyce exercises her networking skills to rec

Web Developer

Joshua Shammay

Josh is our code couturier with an honors degree in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales and years of experience as part of King & Wood Mallesons’ multi-award winning web development team. At Decorilla, Joshua is constantly working on innovative features to create a compelling user experience and searching for cutting-edge technologies to be used on our website.

Partnerships & Content

Christine Martin

Christine is our creative design expert with a Certification in Interior Design and Architecture from Limperts Academy of Design and a Master’s of Education from the State University of New York. A love of arranging varied global influences into comfortable and stylish spaces has led her to a career shift from classroom teacher to interior designer. She believes in the power of color, texture, and natural elements to bring life and balance into a

Joyce Tranchida


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