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We fix the campaign/voter engagement gap that leads to bad policy, bad polling, and bad outcomes at the local, state, and national levels.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 5


DemocraFi is a mobile and web app that makes voter data available to state and local political campaigns at 1/10th the cost of existing solutions. We put users in control of their relationship with news and politics with issue-based content aggregation, secure advocacy tools, and seamless donation capabilities. For the first time, voters and campaigns will share a solution that meets both of their needs.



Nathaniel Tisa

Nate is a legal policy advocate with hands-on experience in user engagement and fundraising gained through cybersecurity work in the consulting industry and leadership experience as Georgetown University's student body president. Nate drives innovation at the nexus of social impact and data insights, and applies a lean design philosophy to his work as DemocraFi's CEO.

Customer Engagement

Romer Telemi

Romer is an aspiring lawyer with experience in innovative technology startups. His customer research and go-to-market support for a previous venture contributed to its growth and ultimate acquisition. At DemocraFi, Romer drives feature development with a lean design philosophy that keeps our core mission always in mind.

Technology Solutions

Joseph Fiorica

Joe is a data scientist with years of experiencing in economic and financial modelling and strong computer science background. As DemocraFi's Technology Solutions Officer, Joe leads the algorithmic and data analysis efforts that revolutionize the products we provide our institutional customers.

Customer Development

Jack Sullivan

Jack is a consultant and political activist with ample experience in state-level electioneering. At DemocraFi, Jack leads liaison and development efforts with institutional customers, creating a feedback loop on product features, pricing, and go-to-market components of company strategy.


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