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Dupo Technologies

A startup in pre-launch that wants to collect the cash proceeds of small cash businesses and make a transfer of the funds to their bank accounts.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


Dupo Technologies serves small businesses by collecting their cash proceeds they need to deposit and we make a quick transfer of the amount to their bank accounts. They will do so by using our app and providing their business information, type the amount they need to deposit, an associate in disguise collects the cash, contacts the agent in charge of making the transfer, and our cash collector will dispose the cash in our facility.


Kevin Duque


- -

For over 5 years he has designed, developed, maintained and optimized creative, functional and accessible websites for a variety of companies. Along with web design he is also an avid PC enthusiast. His goal is to offer the highest work quality. Whether he is designing a WordPress theme or building a customized website, he has and always will enjoy the challenges that stem from such projects.


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