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EnerKnol is solving the biggest data problem in the $1.37 trillion U.S. energy market with the first real-time energy policy decision support SaaS platform.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 8
Quick Pitch:


- SaaS/B2B startup in the energy info/fintech/big data space. - Proprietary platform brings massive amounts of disparate data into a single source. - First real-time policy analytics solution for energy market participants. - Paying customers. Also created NY Energy Week, establishing industry leadership. - Recognized by the White House as a leading innovator in field.


Founder & CEO

Angelique Mercurio

Named one of New York's top 10 energy entrepreneurs, Angelique is out to transform the energy industry through real-time access to the critical regulatory information needed for investment decisions. Prior to founding EnerKnol, she built US Environmental Commodities research products on the energy trading desk at Barclays Capital. Follow Angelique at @EnerKnol and @angeliqmercurio


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