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Everyday Decorating

An online and mobile marketing platform and customer aggregator for suppliers to the mainstream US decorative home furnishings market.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Everyday Decorating™ is an online and mobile sales and marketing platform for middle-market US decorative home furnishings suppliers. As a market aggregator, Everyday Decorating™ provides immediate, direct, cost-effective, online access to the largest, most fragmented and overlooked segment of the consumer market. Consumers are attracted by content, tools, social interaction and a broad product selection with competitive pricing.



Marilyn Bellock

A veteran of the home furnishings industry with deep experience in online businesses and visualization and customization technologies, Ms. Bellock was a founder and president of one of the first online home furnishings businesses, Prior to that she was the Global EVP - Brand for Lauran Ashley and CEO of Marimekko - US. Early in her career, Ms. Bellock was a director of business planning for the CBS Broadcast Group.


Michael L Leleux

A Strategic Branding, Packaging and UX Design Executive, Mr. Leleux has extensive development experience with many of top 20 US CPG companies as well as a premier brand marketing company (Zunda Group). A member of the start-up team, Mr. Leleux posseses a professional understanding of mass market print, online design and social media and consumer promotions for an international network of clients.


Max McDOnnell

Mr. McDonnell is a multi-disciplinary tech polymath and entrepreneur who has worked on a multitude of internet projects including websites, e-commerce sites, new business start-ups and analytics applications. Mr. McDonnell is responsible for the development and execution of’s programming for the site, CMS, all mobile platforms, tech tools and associated API’s, and other related media.

VP- Business / Partnership Development

Alexa Baggio

Alexa Baggio has a strong track record in online start-ups and additional professional experience in sales development and finance. Since 2011, as head of its investment banking team, Ms. Baggio has been a top three earner at the Axial, a financial services company which provides proprietary software to middle-market companies and private equity firms. Ms. Baggio created the The Roger, an online magazine about workplace interiors.


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