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Extreme PROFITS. NASCAR racing. Motorsport partnership.

Partnership with NASCAR owners and biggest MOTORSPORT media. Raising new star.


Founded: 2005
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


- Experienced Driver (2 Formula 1 Teams. More then $8000000 investments) - 1st ever Russian + 1st ever Jewish Driver to race in NASCAR - MOTORSPORT Network partnership (biggest Motorsport media) to make a reality-show - NASCAR owners personal support (FOX shows, free TV rights and more) - Jewish community support (Brownstone Center, Rabbi Mordechai Suchard and Rabbi Michael Schneider) - Partnership with IMG (World's #1 Marketing Agency)


Daniel M

2 Formula 1 Teams 3rd Driver (Marussia F1, Lotus F1) Physically and mentally the most prepared race car driver in the world (by "Formula Medicine" - World's main Motorsport fitness/mental lab) 9 records in 16 tests Founder MOVE kart&bar (Moscow) 1st ever Russian driver to win podium in F-3000 international (Formula 2) 100+ Race wins and podiums


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