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Flyte Fitness

Flyte Fitness: Your Workout... Reinvented. Our market-tested products engage more muscles and enhance stability on any surface.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 0
Quick Pitch:


Our company's first product is the patent-pending Core Flyte. The Core Flyte is a small, rolling padded platform that one can put one's hands or feet on and incorporate into circuit training, cardio, yoga or Pilates to enhance stability and strengthen the core. It will be sold in a professional package (pair of units, 8-week workout guide) for ~$60-100 and a consumer package (pair of units, DVD set, carrying case, guide) for ~$120-160.



Jeremy Greenberg

- Created and led two multi-million dollar business units - Former Boston Consulting Group Project Leader - Wharton MBA - Avid marathon runner


Paul Nicholas

- Athletic coach - Former professional rugby player and New York Golden Gloves Championship boxer - Inventor with engineering background


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