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Scapegoat Analytics, Inc.

FactorPrism is smart data discovery software that uses revolutionary technology to automatically tease out meaningful patterns in transactional sales data.


Blockchain based e commerce and investment platform for refugees accompanied by biometric and digital identity

Wine by Design

Creating valuable business and branding opportunities through the world of wine


BuildStream is the labour marketplace for the renewable energy sector which also provides funded training for workers.

mugs for mothers

Mugs for Mothers provides a platform for giving back by using creativity to fuel philanthropy.


Acorn uses next-gen location technology to enable an intelligent reminders platform that allows users to notify others as well as self in precise locations.

Symkala, Inc.

Symkala is a machine learning and data integration platform that puts the power of big data into the hands of non-technical users. It's Palantir for everyone.

Healthcare Mailing

Healthcare mailing, a direct marketing business founded on a base of many successful years of experience building list.

The Blanket Anchor®

Patent pending brand-able pegs holds your blanket, sarong or towel down in the sand/grass while promoting your brand. Just twist and clip!


SeeMe supports the professional development and recognition of emerging artists while promoting their work to a dedicated network of collectors and enthusiasts.

Most Influential 100

The World's #1 Excellence Network supports your life long journey in becoming the best version of yourself


We give peace of mind, convenience, and most of all liberty to all those in wheelchairs.

Atlas Circus Company

The Atlas Circus Company seeks to reinvent the American Circus by creating narrative circus productions and a center for circus arts in the United States.


ZealMe is a mobile platform using artificial intelligence to disrupt topic based collaboration.

Intent Group

Intent propels a new marketing ideology driven by a devotion to craft, and built on a foundation of fascination and obsession.


We have great idias for games and apps and looking for some one that see it and want to grow with us, we start with first mobile game and from there we going up