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Personalizing digital experiences and work spaces to reduce stress and improve performance with patented “Adaptive Interfaces” using biometrics and AI.

Scapegoat Analytics, Inc.

FactorPrism is smart data discovery software that uses revolutionary technology to automatically tease out meaningful patterns in transactional sales data.


At the Investor’s request, Business can be launched in the USA, Germany, France or other country in Europe, after performing of necessary preparation measures.


Interactive expert systems on common legal issues, which automatically provide intelligent, data-driven evaluations.

PET and I

It’s difficult to travel safely with your pet. We hope to make it easier for you!


Practice speaking a foreign language anytime, anywhere

Invergo Coffee

Coffee is a experience, deeply engrained in our culture, we are improving that experience at home.

Healthify, Inc.

Healthify works with Medicaid managed care to improve the quality and reduce the cost of care by addressing the social determinants of health.

int18 Inc.

int18 is an AI-powered marketplace for employment. int18 automates job search for candidates while providing superior candidate screening for employers.


Project management software hosted on your own cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, private server)

The Experience Ticket, Inc.

We let families enjoy theme parks, zoos and other attractions with mobile ticketing, reserved times for rides, GPS navigation and much more.

The Weave Spot Inc

Our goal to raise capital is to successful implement our strategy of capturing a large market share of New York City black hair care industry.


SugarWaterRadio is an Internet radio station looking to go FM. SWR Has bin in the radio game for 5 years and we are looking for Investor


Pampadour is an online social network to discover, collect & share all things beauty, from beauty products to photos/videos & discussions.


SalesForce for Crowdfunding. Only SaaS platform based on proprietary game theory crowdfunding optimization algorithm.