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Free Bread, Inc.

Free Bread manufactures high end gluten free bread and distributes it to consumers, retailers and foodservice establishments.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 10
Quick Pitch:


Hailed as the "Gold Standard of Gluten Free Bread" By, Free Bread Inc. manufactures hearty, filling, delicious bread to a long-suffering market of men and women who can't (or choose not) to eat gluten. Our products are sold wholesale to both retailers and foodservice establishments, and individuals can purchase our breads directly on our website,


Founder, Owner

Karen J freer

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2007, Karen missed one thing - hearty, crusty bread. After years of working in administration in the financial industry, Karen tried her hands at baking, and created the recipes that Vogue Magazine called "the Gold Standard of Gluten Free Bread."

Karen Freer


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