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Gazelle Solar

A solar energy product for fast, outlet speed e-device charging when the grid is down or for those places with unreliable grid power and high cell phone use.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 1
Quick Pitch:


50 million people had no electricity for more than 3 days in the last 5 years and no way to charge electronics. We radically modified an existing solar technology – the solar tracker to provide a 25 - 50% increase in portable solar panel efficiency. Our tracker is inexpensive - uses No batteries No software and No electronics Patent Pending Proof of concept prototype complete Emergency market is 60M US households buying related products



Howard Stein

Howard Stein is a serial entrepreneur and new product developer. Mr. Stein received his MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and was the Director of the Center for Innovation at Columbia University. As a business advisor for the SBA serving as Associate Director to the Small Business Development Center, he has counseled hundreds of startups in the last four years. He has several patents issued in a variety of fields.


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