You are here is a social media site that allows users to post using their name or in an anonymous mode. The site will soon offer some other very cool features.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 5
Quick Pitch:


This is a social media site that allows the user to post comments, pictures, and videos using their name. But also allows them to post and reply to comments anonymously. The goal of this site is to launch Gioyc llc. into becoming a complete entertainment company. Branching into music, movies, and eventually television.


Founder and C.E.O.

Sy Cleckley

Former owner of the American Armada corp, Auset Industries LLC, And a local door to door tool sales business. I spent 6 years filling various management positions at U-haul repair facilities of Northern and central New Jersey and U-haul of Brooklyn. My greatest strength is my find a way or make a way attitude, and my understanding of the old saying "It's not about who has the best game plan, but who executes their game plan the best."


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