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Flyte Fitness

Flyte Fitness: Your Workout... Reinvented. Our market-tested products engage more muscles and enhance stability on any surface.


A unique multi-vendor marketplace that provides marketing and business solutions for wine and spirit retailers.


I am seeking capital for my patent pending, category defining pet product in the $4.8B pet food market of 57MM US pet owners, which is currently in development.

Going Natural

the .com for Natural Hair solutions; Exceptional hairstyles, products and services to improve the image and health of African hair.


The most comprehensive solution to connect million of shoppers in the Caribbean and Central America with local and foreign sellers on a single web platform.

Collective Wisdom Technologies

CWT picks 3 startups monthly via the wisdom of the crowd, guaranteeing $250K+ each & community support, & provides no fee access to quality deals to investors.


There has to be a better way to consume and download mobile content. SPR3AD is mobile distribution that just works and meets people half way

Quiet Punch

First ever boxing punching bag that can be setup quickly and easily in an apartment or house that is joint friendly and won't disturb neighbors.


Job Matching software built on breakthrough patented Profile Matching technology that revolutionizes how resumes are evaluated and matched to jobs.


Soara is a career path optimization platform that provides students a personalized career journey based on their aspirations, personalities, and abilities.


SnapYeti is the most effective way for brands to incentivize people to share photos around their products in a positive light via photo contests.

Yelp+Amazon+Facebook for beauty and grooming products.

int18 Inc.

int18 is an AI-powered marketplace for employment. int18 automates job search for candidates while providing superior candidate screening for employers.

Spaarsh, Inc

Spaarsh allows you to pay solely with your fingerprint. Spaarsh is Square without the dongle. Make easy and secure payments using mobile and Bitcoins!

Return on Change

An investment platform for startups in the critical industries of CleanTech, Life Sciences, EdTech, Technology, and Social Enterprise.

MealPlan Inc

An app that aggregates or lets you input your schedule. You then choose friends and we calculate the best time for you all to eat together.


Online university platform for project skill sharing and feedback.