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Atomite, Inc.

Personal Information Management Solution (PIMS) for Heavily-Regulated B2C Companies


Enterprise level tracking system that can track any device, anywhere using bluetooth, cellular and other wireless technologies.

Revmax, Inc.

Revmax builds demand forecasting tools for vehicle fleets to improve transit efficiency.

Bib + Tuck

Bib+Tuck is an online community for women to trade fashion items. It's Shopping without Spending.


Adaptive math education software-as-a-service.

Training Amigo

Innovative technology empowering organizations to align wellness, eLearning, social, communication & reporting into one platform.


An app to make quality activity buddies.

Lake of Bays Semiconductor Inc.

Lake of Bays designs and manufactures 3D bioinspired multicore processors, with applications for faster, cooler streaming video processing.


Rentbot lets prospective home-seekers book instant personal appointments to visit apartments and it generates auto-itineraries for viewings.

Hybrid Razor

HR has patented a shaving device which combines the convenience of an electric with the very profitable blades of a manual razor to deliver a close shave.


Sparc is the first social recruiting tool for employers to attract passive candidates and generate higher response rates through engagement on mobile.


talktala is a revolutionary online group counseling service, led by a licensed therapist. We make therapy accessible and affordable for all.

Asset Logix, Inc.

The Stocked Perfect platform brings realtime enterprise-grade inventory visibility to smaller independent and e-commerce retailers.


GitLinks makes open source safe to use. Thus, we enable companies to allow more flexibility to their development teams to leverage publicly available code.

Bounce Imaging

Bounce Imaging's low-cost, throwable omnidirectional cameras enable first responders to safely inspect dangerous spaces in 360 on their phone without entering.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect is a full-service summer school and enrichment provider for K-8 schools.

TWIP - Travel With Interesting People

TWIP - we power shared experiences for global brands by connecting people to content, trips and travelers based on their travel behavior (Travanality).


A dating app designed for the modern woman.


The Social Network for Social People. Keep track of your social life by instantly sharing plans with friends. Know who is going where, when.