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Health Recovery Solutions

HRS solves CHF, COPD, and Diabetes readmissions by providing real time patient data that allows for timely interventions via clinical and social support


Founded: 2012
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


HRS provides Hospitals an early warning system that enables timely interventions with outpatients to prevent costly readmissions. This is achieved through tracking and monitoring of real-time patient data and relaying the information back to clinicians for timely interventions. Starting this October 2,200 hospitals will loose over $250 million in medicare reimbursements. Our sources of revenue are contracts with Hospitals and Insurance companies.


Founding Partner

Jarrett Bauer

Jarrett is responsible for business development, market research, and sales. Received MBA - Healthcare Management - Johns Hopkins University. Professional Experience: Healthcare Consultant, McBee Associates

Founding Partner

Rohan L Udeshi

Rohan is responsible for sales, client services, product development, and business development. Received MS Electrical Engineering - Villanova University. Professional Experience: Technology Analyst, JP Morgan Chase; Business Analyst, ALaS Consulting; Consulting Engineer, CG Power Solutions

Founding Partner

Daniel Priece

Dan is responsible for coding, maintaining the front and back end software and hardware, managing IT operations and QA/QC. Received MS Computer Science - Villanova University. Professional Experience: Computer Engineer, Unisys.

Rohan Udeshi


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