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HostTonight is an Airbnb Listing Management Company. We respond to inquiries, take care of check-in/check-out, provide cleaning services and more.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 7


HostTonight is an Airbnb Listing Management Company. We respond to inquiries and communicate with potential guests until a reservation is confirmed, we do 24/7 key exchange and provide hotel quality housekeeping services, always making sure that every guest has the best possible experience, because a good experience means a good review and a good review means they can price their property higher. Our model consists of a 7% or 9% commission fee depending on the services you want. The problem we solve is important because it allows homeowners to supplement their income, some of our customers use this money to pay their mortgages, health care, student loans or other personal expenses. We want to make sure they can provide a good experience to their guests. At the same time we allow our hosts to focus on their day to day activities. We give them a peace of mind.



Daniel Zammata

Strategic and financial consultant for Avianca S.A. Growth Manager for 3 different startups in Colombia all successfully acquired. Business Development and Operations Intern at CNN, Inc. and now Founder & CEO of HostTonight. Hospitality and Experiences expert.


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