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Human Condition Safety

We develop wearable tech that creates the safest work environments globally, saving tens of billions of dollars spent on injuries, lost labor costs & insurance.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 30
Quick Pitch:


We develop wearable technology that creates safer job sites and saves billions of dollars spent on preventable injuries, insurance, and lost labor cuts. We focus on occupational health and safety in construction, first responders, warehouse, factory and delivery workers. Our API will create the largest refined database of occupational health and safety data for predictive analysis and resale globally.


Chief Executive Officer

Peter Raymond

Apple featured Peter for creating the first biometric Heart Failure simulation for clinicians. This lead to his groundbreaking innovations in healthcare and high performance sports wearables. As a Senior Fellow at Thomas Jefferson University he developed simulation and safety wearable technology. The New York Times, Boston Globe, Wired, Popular Science, PBS, New Scientist, and Mashable all covered Peter. Bio:

Chief Strategy Officer

Oliver Rothauser

Oliver is a principal and Chief Strategy Officer of Human Condition Safety. Expert in deal structure and negotiations, with over 7 years of Wall Street experience, undertaking over $100B in fixed income transactions. He has been involved in numerous businesses, holding roles including lead investor, VP Sales and Business Development, Managing Partner, and acting CEO for three separate companies.

Chief Creative Officer

Laura Schwamb

Laura is a Global Creative Director who has worked with startups, agencies and corporations. Her experiences are in creative direction, branding, building creative departments, mentoring staff, and ensuring the end product meets budgets, deadlines, creative expectations and strategic goals. Former creative director for Tom Ford Beauty, founder of STEAM Design Group, and Sr. Art Director in the European Designer Fragrance division of L’Oréal USA.

Director of Business Development

Adam Bellin

Adam has a decade of business development experience and extensive expertise in deal sourcing and building strategic relationships. He is a seasoned operator in Chinese real estate development and industrial manufacturing. While in China, Adam imported rare industrial gas and set up production facilities with state-owned steel mills. Before joining HCS, Adam was a partner at Redhouse Capital Management, a consultancy and private equity firm.


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