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Viral Fundraising Technology


Founded: 2011
Employees: 5


iGiveMore is a fundraising & analytics platform to help nonprofits raise money online with easy to understand data that helps them manage a team that raises money from their social networks. IGiveMore gamifies the experience to motivates people to give and raise money. Businesses platform get a powerful tool to maximize the reach and brand value of their corporate giving & cause marketing campaigns.



Matt Bishop

Prior to founding iGiveMore, Matt managed nearly $100 million in budgets at Volunteers of America. Matt's writing has been published in Forbes, "The Future of Giving: Warren Buffett & Connected Philanthropy" and he has particiated in hackathons where his app received mentions in Forbes and the Huffington Post. Matt received his Master of Public Administration from Cornell University & is self taught in Ruby on Rails, CSS & HTM

Lead Designer

Fabian Grateroles

I built a giant glowing inflatable snail that was put on display in the powder room of Fort Jay on Governors Island. Making this piece relied on me using computer skills, sewing 150 yards of ripstop & wiring the lighting inside. I've also launched a fragrance that smells like a whopper (to sell more whoppers), photographed Buzz Aldrin, Jesse the Body Venture, and Nancy Reagan, oh and I launched BMW's first all-electric vehicle in the USA.


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