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Data Science for Events


Founded: 2015
Employees: 3
Quick Pitch:


insightXM is a data science as a service company for event organizers. We provide software and services to event marketers that help them make better decisions through data analytics. Our offering includes prescriptive, predictive and persona outcomes. Our basic subscription includes data upload, aggregation, normalization, organization and automated insights. Our Premium subscription includes data enrichment and Persona analysis. We are an IBM/Watson partner, leveraging their Linguistics and Personality APIs. Ultimately, we are helping Event Marketers professionalize their approach to attendee growth and retention.


CEO & Founder

Leonora Valvo

Domain Expert Founded 3 prior cos. incl. etouches Successfully scaled SaaS enterprise Awards for Innovation, Leadership, Growth; Raised $13m in Venture

CTO & Founder

Chett Rubenstein

CTO, etouches and CEO, Axiom Education VP Product, Greenfield Online

Chief Product Officer & Founder

Joshua Beach

Book&Table, Co-founder J&M Statistical Solutions, Co-founder MA Statistics, Yale. BS Math, UNM.


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