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Inventway, a company that invents & markets its own innovative projects.


Founded: 2016
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


We are company with a proven ability to generate new ideas, and to constantly improve on already existing products. Our portfolios include new web ideas and services, royalties-based products, and innovative technologies.


Operations & Communication Responsible

Jenny Levina

Jenny Levina, is the face of the company, whose training and experience in research, as well as education in consumer psychology and culture-based approach, will help identify market needs, as well as weak and strong points of proposed solutions.

Inventor & Founder

Abdellah M-hadi

Ab, whose extensive training and experience in inventing and implementing innovative solutions is the backbone engineer and the driving force of the company.

Partnership Liaison

Kathleen Anderson

SCSU Business degree, Project Manager, Partnership Liaison, Entrepreneur, a go-to-person for organization and business support.


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