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Join the best way to make your voice count before new laws are passed and keep politicians accountable. Fix Democracy!


Founded: 2016
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The election is coming up! Sign up today: Use IssueVoter *now* and throughout the year to find out whether you should re-elect your Representative when Election Day comes. IssueVoter is a nonpartisan, end-to-end constituent engagement tool for busy Americans to make a real, measurable impact. We are working to transform everyday citizens into political powerhouses who are informed, and then actually heard by Congress before they pass laws. How it Works: 1. You choose issues that matter most to you, like education or healthcare. IssueVoter tracks and summarizes related bills. 2. You get customized alerts when new bills that match your interests are up for vote. IssueVoter translates complex legislation with summaries, pros/cons, and related news. 3. You click “Support” or “Oppose”. IssueVoter sends your opinion to your Congressperson instantly. 4. You see when bills pass and whether your elected official is truly representing you. IssueVoter helps you keep Congress accountable.


Maria Yuan


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