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Jabord Inc.

Jabord is a platform, allowing creation of a multi-media online profile for applicant to share and control, in a more curated & secure fashion than social media


Founded: 2016
Employees: 20
Quick Pitch:


A multimedia content delivery platform for individuals and companies as it relates to recruiting and branding. For the individual: Jabord delivers the tools to navigate your career. For the company: Jabord delivers the tools needed to efficiently hire. Private Profile/Resume/Portfolio - Career Tracking - Job Postings - Company Pages - Career Sites - ATS/CRM - Integrated Communication - Background Checks - Coaching - Community Benefits


CEO, Co-Founder

Joe Astill

Joe Astill has over 17 yrs high level recruiting experience, across the financial sector. He is CEO of his own Executive Search company, where he executes senior mandates across Europe & North America, specifically within Equities. Joe understands the requirement to introduce technology to an age old sector, hence building Jabord. Joe is a former microbiologist, with a BSc in Biomedical Science.


Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar is a visionary entrepreneur. He built successful IT product engineering and recruiting companies based in NYC and Bay area with Fortune 500 clients offering solutions in Big Data, Machine Learning(AI), Predictive Analytics, Cloud computing to building award winning 4-5 star rated Enterprise Mobile apps for several top media companies. Ravi has a BS in electrical and electronics engineering, and studied computer science.

Product Manager

Ethan Graber

Ethan Graber is involved in all aspects of building Jabord, a b2b/b2c software product that is currently being developed. With a holistic role, Ethan is able to grasp & influence the product from every angle. Ethan has a BE in computer engineering.


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