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3P Partners, Inc

Enterprise partners boost engagement, retention, LTV - all through a low-friction platform that mashes up smart tech, game strategy and a currency of good.


Personaa is a revolutionized online gift-shop that recommends perfect gifts and customized packages based on people's personalities.


Mobile bid auction platform that allows riders to “name your own price” for car service, enabling drivers to identify fares on demand.


Whether buying a single article or purchasing a subscription, Swishu allows readers to read and publishers to publish - how they want to.

Subba Media

TripAdvisor style platform for festivals and music!

BeanJar, Inc.

MyBeanJar delivers targeted digital coupons as rewards in mobile & online games and other content. We charge the advertisers and offer a rev share to the games.

Profit Forex Signals

Trade online to receive live forex signals from experts & boost your chances of earning marginable profits through immediate delivery of notifications & signals

DRK Beauty

We are a beauty, fashion & lifestyle content and commerce platform for women of color that is influencer-led, and community-grounded.


Every week we send music from the best undiscovered musicians in the world, straight to the inboxes of our listeners, personalized to their tastes, for free.


Protect, promote and sell the sensational photos and videos you're sharing online.


AdRoll meets LinkedIn InMail – a new communication channel for sending 1-to-1 messages to web prospects via retargeted ads


A B2B retail-tech marketplace enabling retailers to sell custom & made-to-order goods. We've pivoted to become the largest producer of face shields for NYC.


Online luxury cosmetics shop that leverages a proprietary algorithm and vast product database to provide automated skin care & cosmetic product recommendations.


Wellth allows health systems and insurers to actually understand and change patient behaviors to drastically improve outcomes and costs.

Hearty Start

We bring breakfast sandwiches to the homeless. We partner with locally owned delis to make our sandwiches and hire recovering homeless persons to deliver them.


We make the contacts on your smartphone update themselves. TAPP is a better way to exchange and manage your contact information. Period.


Capturing spaces in 3D with a phone

Grapidly is a SaaS marketplace for shared, distributed, and professional resources of complete, on-demand, digital teams.