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Lōtik’s smart system of wireless sensors provides "point-of-use" water monitoring to track usage, detect leaks and reduce costs.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 9
Quick Pitch:


Lōtik has developed a non-intrusive water monitoring system to detect leaks, increase water efficiency and reduce costs. Lōtik sensors are simple to install. They easily clamp on to existing supply lines and plumbing fixtures, self-calibrating within seconds to calculate water flow no matter type or size of pipe. Through a cloud-based portal, sensor data is used to continually understand and learn from each plumbing system.


Plumber-in-Residence / Co-Founder

Shane Eten

Shane Eten is the co-founder and CEO of Lōtik. He is also the founding board member of the CleanTech firm Divert, Inc. Shane has served as an XIR at Columbia Technology Ventures, an EIR for NYSERDA and a Mentor at NYC BigApps and The CleanTech Open.

CTO - Co-Founder

Ely Greenberg

Ely Greenberg is the co-founder and CTO of Lōtik. His first company was Erg Process Energy. Before that Ely was a principal engineer at Hazen and Sawyer where he designed and managed large-scale wastewater treatment infrastructure projects in NYC.

Chief Data Scientist

Daniel Nouri

Daniel Nouri serves as Lōtik's Chief Data Scientist. He has 17+ yrs of experience as a software engineer and a machine (deep) learning specialist. He owned a company that consulted and programmed for big clients such as Oracle and IKEA, and small.

Lead Firmware Engineer

Dhaval Parikh

Dhaval Parikh is the Lead Firmware Engineer at Lōtik. Dhaval has been commanding software and electrical engineering since long before his Masters at San Jose. Prior to Lōtik Dhaval was responsible for firmware at HERO A smart medicine appliance.

Chief Designer

Juyoung Ryu

Juyoung Ryu is the Chief Designer at Lōtik and responsible for all product design. During his 16 years of experience his design and product work has one awards from Clio and One Club. The two companies he worked as a design director are successfully the exit.

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Jason Wong

Jason Wong is Lōtiks Senior Full-Stack Engineer. As a gifted software developer he has served as Principal Software Developer at Triton Research and CTO / CoFounder for the mapping start-up BobbyPin.

Head Software / Systems Architect

Sayre Blades

Sayre Blades is responsible for the design and development of Lōtiks System Architecture. He has 14 yrs of experience as a software engineer, technical leader, and manager. He previously served as CTO of Marix Screen Time.

Data Scientist

Megha Jain

Megha Jain as they say literally wrote the book on water efficiency, well atleast helped create NYC's only full-scale water efficiency report. Working for Urban Green she maintained and analyzed Local Law (LL) 84 water and energy benchmarking.

VP Business Development

Ryan Darby

Ryan Darby was born to sell HVAC and plumbing technology. His family business Wales and Darby does just that. Ryan decided to use his engineering background and family business experience to lead Lōtiks business development efforts.


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