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The mobile and social platform that makes social personal. API powered signatures, themes, and social network for lasting words.


Founded: 2012
Employees: 7
Quick Pitch:


Universal Writing Desk delivers personal and business "lettrs" across social & physical networks. API based architecture enables users (& developers) to create, distribute, signed messages, deliverable through notifications via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, & Postal. With an excess of disposable communications we predict a market for meaningful correspondence. #lastingwords


Co-Founder, CEO

Drew Bartkiewicz

1. Alumnus of, Mashery, BroadVision, UTC 2. Advisor Founder Apinomic 3. World Economic Forum 4. Published Author 5. Co-founder and board of CloudInsure & CyberFactors West Point and Yale Graduate 6. Advisory to RideScout, APX-Labs, Apinomic, API Stategy


John Oliver

Builds channels, partners, investors around new business models and uses of technology. Former West Point, Yale, Goldman Sachs, Founder.

Creative Director

William Conklin

All elements of Creative. Former Creative and Digital Advertising at NY'c Mcarry Bowen.


Tim Abbott

Former EMC Sales, West Point Graduate

Growth Hacker

Patrick Poulin

Developer, hacker, and technologist. Former Usablenet and Getty Images.

Designer, Co-Founder

Araceli Blasco

European taste, economics flair, penchant for picking the perfect letter experience for words that matter. University of Madrid, BS. Expert letterist.

Lead Designer

Roxanne Krumm

Graphic and animation designer. Published. Start up experience across multiple platforms.

Advisory Board

Kelly Perdew

Board or Advisor Roles: * Pandora (NYSE: P, past) * LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD, past) * Eteamz (Sold to Active Networks - NYSE: ACTV, past) * TroopID * The DuMont Project * GatherGreen * FlipTu * * Scopely * Bitium * Consensus Point * APX Labs * RideScout * Lettrs

Advisory Board

Robert Gordon

West Point and Princeton. CSO at APX-Labs. Appointed by the Secretary of Defense as a member of the Senior Executive Service (DV4, SES 3) to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, serving as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy, effective July 19, 2010.

Advisory Board

Vinton G Cerf

Chief Internet Evangelist at Google Recognized as grandfather of the Internet

Lead Editor & Letterist

Zaki Bernoussi

Linguist, marketing, and advertising specialist for tasteful mobile applications.

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