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Linkstorm makes digital ads perform better for ADVERTISERS by making the ads more useful to CUSTOMERS. Byproduct: captures ultra-precise data on customer intent


Founded: 2000
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Linkstorm makes online ads more useful to the customer by overlaying a cascading navigation menu onto any ad, activated by mouse-over, that lets the customer navigate deeply into the advertiser’s web, right to the product, product info, or transaction the CUSTOMER wants. This boosts click-through and conversion rates by 2x-17x (extensively documented), thus delivering a true ROI in Display Advertising, a sector with rapid, recession-proof growth.


Founder & CEO

David Sidman

Prior to Linkstorm, Mr. Sidman served as director of new publishing technologies for John Wiley & Sons, where he helped grow electronic revenue from $6M to $130M and participated in $300M in acquisitions. Previously he held sr mgnt positions at Barclay's Bank, Moody's Investors Service, Shearson Lehman Hutton, Mercantile Stores, and the ASCE. He is a summa cum laude graduate of Harvard, where he taught physics, math & philosophy as an undergrad.

Director of Client & Advertising Operations

Michael B. Healy

In 2000 Mr. Healy joined Doubleclick as their Business Sponsorship Specialist where he was responsible for clients such as EdgarOnline, Nasdaq, Time, iWon and He then joined the leader in outsourced Ad Operations, Trafficmac (now Operative) for 7 years, learning many different ad servers incl DFP, DFA, OAS, Falk, CheckM8 and Accipiter. He became Director of Ad Ops at Conde Nast in 2008, then joined Linkstorm in 2009.

Board Member/BizDev

Mike Warsinske

Mr. Warsinske is a life-long Ad Industry veteran and serial entrepreneur. Currently CEO of OverAd Media; founded Cybereps (sold to Interep in 2001); began his career at Saatchi & Saatchi/Compton. In addition to his regular Board responsibilities, Mr. Warsinske is working with Linkstorm to open doors to clients, distribution partners, product development partners, and new investors, and is also building out a media buying capability for Linkstorm.

VP of Engineeering

Tim Ross

RealNetworks, Jobvana, Mercury Radio Arts. LinkedIn:

Lead Investor / hands-on BizDev

Rick Braddock

Former CEO of Citibank, Priceline, Medco, FreshDirect, Mid-Ocean Partners.

Lead Investor / hands-on BizDev

Kim Goh

Senior Managing Director, Hudson Ventures

CTO, Operations

Dr. Andrew Stevens

MIT/Columbia PhD; designed/patented chips for IBM; AT&T Bell Labs; Argonne National Laboratory; John Wiley & Sons, Earthweb. LinkedIn:


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